Working with our shredding department SHRED4u we offer a complete, secure and end-to-end service leaving you safe in the knowledge that your office papers are destroyed in a way that reduces both hassle and risk to you.

As part of our storage service we provide you with regular destruction reports, along with several other shredding services.

Regular Scheduled Service
Working with your business we design and implement a regular shredding service that makes the disposal of your office papers simple and safe. We leave you with aesthetically pleasing secure consoles that you just simply fill. Let the SHRED4U team do the rest.

One off service
Perfect for your office clear out. We visit your site and with the use of our secure bins and confidential waste sacks we take away the documents no longer required.

With over ten years experience of dealing with confidential and sensitive office waste, SHRED4U is your ideal shredding provider. All documents shredded with us are done in house, giving you an end to end service. Certificates of destruction will be issued after every collection. Leaving you with peace of mind.

All paper is shredded, bailed and then recycled and can therefore never be reconstructed. This process also helps you to improve the positive impact that your company has on the environment.  

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